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We provide all-cash offers for your property(s). Already receive an offer? Call or email us.

Sell Your Property Quickly

Our goal is to make things easy. We close quickly using trusted attorneys & title companies.

Any Condition, Any Situation

We buy regardless of most any condition, situation or size.

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How It All Works!

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Owners sell land for various reasons, including:
  • Quickly unlock equity
  • Avoiding forclosure
  • Addressing on going tax burdens
  • A real estate agent had their property on the market for months or even years, and not selling
  • Inheriting and paying taxes on a property they”ll never use

Versus Property Group provides owners a simple process using escrow, reputable title companies, and trusted attorneys to purchase many types of property:

We pay cash for all kinds of acreage:
  • Farm Land
  • Forestry use Land
  • Rural Land
  • Residential or Commercial use Land

Start Here. To Get Your Cash Offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

We pay CASH.  We close QUICKLY.  We pay ALL closing costs.  We’re experienced, professional, and the easiest buyer you’ll ever deal with!

We utilize the industry standard term “cash”. That said, you’ll get paid through a title/attorney/escrow company that manages the paperwork for the transaction, and they will arrange directly with you to be paid by wire transfer, check, or cashier’s check.

It’s possible.  It needs to make sense for our business though, and we have to be very careful about the investments we make. If you can provide us some additional information that will help us revise our offer, we would happily reconsider the offer price. In a lot of the markets we operate, there tends to be an oversupply of land investments to make.

If you are only interested in receiving full retail value for your property, we are not the best fit. To get full retail value, you would likely need to find a local real estate agent with extensive marketing experience, be prepared to list the property for a considerable amount of time, and wait for the right buyer while working thru any “due diligence” issues that come up.

Most often we can close in 14 to 30 days, as long as the parties can supply the necessary paperwork without delay. We always use a title company or attorney to run the transaction and sometimes they will request additional information to close the deal. Additionally, some title companies can take more time than others to close a transaction.

All of this said, if your situation warrants needing the funds quicker, we may be able to help. Please contact us so we can discuss your situation and review the options.

Yes.  We will buy the property as-is. All we request is that you provide us any information you have on the property, such as access, history or any other important characteristics.

Yes, absolutely.  Please call or email us with the details and we’ll get back to you with an offer.

You have few options.  Simply sign and send back via mail or email. 

To speed up the process, take a photo of the signed purchase agreement and email it back to us at offers@versuspropertygroup.com and we’ll get started on our end!

Slowest – Mail – Return the signed Purchase Agreement to our address below

Fastest – Email – Take a photo of the signed Purchase Agreement with your phone and email it to [email protected]

If you prefer DocuSign – Contact us by phone or email and we can send you the Purchase Agreement to sign by digital signature

Yes.  It’s more common than you think.  We perform our own research on the purchases we make, so you don’t need to search for information you don’t have.  

If you haven’t already received an offer from us, simply enter you property details on our website and we will get started reviewing your property, usually getting back you you within 48 hours.

Submitting your property information on this website provides the following benefits:

  • A much faster process overall. Talking over the phone can take up to thirty minutes to record all the necessary information. A web submission however, takes only a few minutes!
  • Once we have all the necessary information, we can get back to you within 48 hours to inform you if your property has met our purchasing criteria.
  • You can submit your property details at any hour of the day! Rather than trying to find a time in your already crazy schedule, you can submit all your property details as soon as you have a few free minutes.It streamlines the process and minimizes the back and forth if you haven’t already received an offer, saving us both time.


For sure.  Simply call us at 312-313-4300 or email us at [email protected]